06 th of May 2006.

1. History of Bloodlething therapy
M.Omerhodžić, MD. Department for neurosurgery, University Hospital Sarejevo, BiH
2. Hijama and its place in sunnet of Prophet Muhammed s.a.v.s.
Z. Hasanović, PhD, Professor of hadith, Islamic theology school, University of Sarajevo, BiH
3. Apocriph hadith about hijama
M. Mahmutović, Professor in Gazihusrevbej school, Sarajevo, BiH
4. Iron - Kur an`s miracle
Dž.Latić, PhD, Professor of tefsir, Islamic theology school, University of Sarajevo, BiH

07 th of May 2006.
5. Theory and clinic experience in treatment with hijama - video presentation
Abdulkadir Yahja, MD. PhD, Medical school, Damask University, Sirya
6. Adequacy of the Variety of the Doctrinal Theories of Alternative Medical Systems
Dr Lj. Ristovski, PhD, Professor of Biophysics, School of farmacy, Univerity of Belgrad, Serbia
7. Headache, most frequent diagnosis in medicine
J. Vranić MD. PhD. Department for neurology, University Hospital Sarejevo, BiH
8. History of hijama in Bosnia and Herzegovina
U.Skaka, MD. Sarajevo, BiH